Our Mission

Through the Generosity of all involved, The Global Challenge creates Opportunities that will leave a Legacy for the Future.

The Global Challenge is an international women’s golf teams event, teeing it up with the sole aim of uniting players, corporate sponsors and the general public with the collaborative focus on social uplftment. 

Through the world wide #BangTheDrum campaign we seek to raise funds globally to empower disadvantaged communities in order to effect sustainable change.

We believe in inspiring everyone to be the best they can be regardless of their socio-economic status.









The Global Challenge

9th – 11th November 2018 – Hermanus Golf Club, South Africa

The Global Challenge 2018 will again be hosted in the beautiful town of Hermanus, South Africa from 9th – 11th Nov 2018. Two Teams from the Northern and Southern Hemispheres will be selected to challenge one another for the magnificent Ralph Walton Trophy. In the inaugural event held in February 2017, Captain Nora Angehrn (Switzerland) led Team North to victory . Team South headed up by Captain Laurette Maritz (South Africa) look forward to the rematch in November 2018, when they will attempt to bring the trophy home to the Southern Hemisphere. 

Every shot made during this event is done so to raise money for charity …   #BangTheDrum


#BangTheDrum – Our Call To Action

The Global Challenge’s #BangTheDrum is an international fundraising initiative creating a platform for the two teams to raise money through pledges for the selected beneficiaries. 

Follow the link to learn more: #BangTheDrum

Global Ambassador – Monique Kalkman

The Global Challenge is proud to call paralympian tennis and table tennis gold medalist Monique Kalkman their Global Ambassador.

Monique embodies all the traits of a successful athlete. Monique’s glass is ALWAYS half full. Humble in her approach, yet a powerhouse driven by dedication, determination and her positive attitude, Monique readily shares the wisdom she has gained in her sporting career and as a business woman with all those around her.

Monique’s eyes are cast on the 2020 Olympics. True to The Global Challenge’s ethos of inclusion and raising awareness and funds for those less fortunate it is Monique’s goal to get golf onto the paralympic sporting calendar in a similar way as once before pioneered by her in wheelchair tennis.

The prestigious Monique Kalkman Ambassador Challenge will be preceding The Global Challenge 2018. To enter your team in this event and for more information please direct any enquiries to Monique Kalkman Ambassador Challenge.

Team North

Birdies to Earn Campaign 2017

As the official beneficiary of The Global Golf Challenge 2017 charity drive, “Learn to Earn” together with the event organisers launched the global fund raising campaign “Birdies 2 Earn”.

Golfing fans around the world were challenged to pledge a small or large donation for birdies made during the two day event, where in excess of R 40 000 was raised by the players for this great cause.

The fundraising campaign was controlled and managed by “Learn to Earn”. For more information visit their website at  www.learntoearn.org.za.

Global Partner

Official Residence Team North

Official Residence Team South

Official Automotive Partner